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At night they would go walking till the breaking of the day ♡

In 1930, two rich girl in love with a Western-style romantic. One girl wearing a suit to play the prince to his “princess to marry him.

For the right angles and flow rates, it’s possible to bounce a fluid jet off a pool of the same fluid. As the jet flows, it pulls a thin layer of air with it, entraining the air. This air film is what keeps the jet separate from the pool when it initially hits. In the photo above, the jet is flowing right to left; notice how it maintains its integrity within the dimple during the bounce. The pool’s surface tension acts almost like a trampoline, redirecting the jet’s momentum into the bounce. It’s even possible to get a double bounce. In this video, the mechanism is the same, although the apparatus is different. In the photo above, the jet is introduced with a horizontal velocity to induce air entrainment and bouncing. In the video, the pool is spinning, which provides the necessary horizontal velocity between the jet and the liquid pool. (Photo credit: J. Bomber and T. Lockhart)
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Let’s Talk About This Scene For a Minute
This is from episode 49, the series finale.  Treize has just been killed, and Une has just ordered surrender to White Fang.  Relena is brought on board the station (long story), and the first thing Une does is pull a Heero and offer her a gun to shoot her with in revenge for assassinating Vice Minister Darlian, Relena’s father, at the beginning of the series.
Relena’s answer is to push the gun away and tell her “let’s put an end to all of this, the revenge and the battles.”
This is, by the way, the same woman she actually did shoot a gun at earlier in the series after her father’s murder.  So let’s put even more perspective on that, shall we?
Relena has the woman who murdered her father standing in right in front of her, asking to be shot.  The woman whom Relena herself has already shot at once (whether she was aiming to actually hit her is still up in the air).  Relena not only refuses to do so, but flat-out counteroffers to launch the proverbial hatchet into the sun so they can get shit done now (such as, oh, saving the rest of Earth from a catastrophic space debris impact).
Consider this an open letter to the (thankfully) few dimwits in this fandom who still can’t let a ten-year-old shipping grudge go:
Relena is a better person than you.
Relena doesn’t choose some bitterly clichéd “edgy” answer that letting Une wallow in her own guilt is a greater punishment than killing her.  Relena gives up revenge and gives up hating the person who took away one of the most important people in her life.  She lets it go, because carrying that grudge will not stop Block A from slamming into Earth right now and will not lead to peace after they do save the day.
Relena is, quite possibly, the strongest character in the series emotionally and mentally, and out of everyone, she’s the one who grows and develops the most.  From a starry-eyed, naive, sheltered teenager to a shrewd but compassionate politician with an almost creepy insight into what motivates people to try and kill each other.  This is why she becomes Queen of the World.  This is why she cedes the title to Treize, because she refuses to be the Romefeller Foundation’s puppet.
This is why she forgives the woman who murdered her father.
Thankfully, the bashing has died down and people have realized it’s possible to ship Heero and Duo (hell, I do) and still think Relena is the bee’s knees and recognize her for the BAMF she is.
All hail Queen Relena!


Never forget 3 types of people in your life:
  1. Who helped you in your difficult times.
  2. Who left you in your difficult times.
  3. Who put you in difficult times.
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Variety of Mooncakes! 

My favorites are Cantonese mooncake, Suzhou mooncake, and the best Snow skin mooncake.

Snow skin in my heart.











whoa canada
someone needs to turn down that sass level

Two things to know about Canada!
We are smart enough to know hot things should be hot.
We are sorry if you don’t

fun story about the reason they do that (at least in America)
once this lady spilled her McDonald’s coffee on herself and ended up getting like 3rd degree burns and since there was no warning on the cup she was able to claim she didn’t know it would be hot (or at least that hot) and won a lawsuit against McDonald’s for $1 million

That’s what the media smear campaign against her would have you believe, anyway. The truth of the matter is that the McDonald’s in question had previously been cited - on at least two separate occasions - for keeping their coffee so hot that it violated local occupational health and safety regulations. The lady didn’t win her lawsuit because American courts are stupid; she won it because the McDonald’s she bought that coffee from was actively and knowingly breaking the law with respect to the temperature of its coffee at the time of the incident.
(I mean, do you have any idea what a third-degree burn actually is? Third-degree burns involve “full thickness” tissue damage; we’re talking bone-deep, with possible destruction of tissue. Can you even imagine how hot that cup of coffee would have to have been to inflict that kind of damage in the few seconds it was in contact with her skin?)

Yeah I’m tired of people joking about either the “stupid” woman who didn’t know coffee was hot or the “greedy” woman making up bullshit to get money.
She was hideously injured by hideous irresponsibility, it was an absolutely legitimate lawsuit and the warning on the cups basically allows McDonalds to claim no responsibility even if it happens again. Every other company followed suit to cover their asses.
So they can still legally serve you something that could sear off the end of your tongue or permanently demolish the front of your gums and just give you a big fat middle finger in court. “The label SAID it would be HOT, STUPID.”

obligatory reblog for the great debunking of the usual ignorance spouted about this case
obligatory mention that the media smear campaign to twist teh facts on this case and get public opinion against the victim was deliberate and fueled by the right wing tort reform movement
it was seized upon to limit the rights of consumers to hold giant corporations accountable for wrongdoing
watch the documentary Hot Coffee, it lays out all of the facts and examines the response to this case and explains why everything you think you know about this case is bullshit, and explains why tort reform is bullshit in an entertaining and informative manner

The woman injured in Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants was 79 years old at the time of her injuries, and suffered third-degree burns to the pelvic region (including her thighs, buttocks, and groin), which in combination with lesser burns in the surrounding regions caused damage to an area totaling a whopping 22% of her body’s surface. These injuries that required two years of intensive medical care, including multiple skin grafts; during her hospitalization, Stella Liebeck lost around 20% of her starting body weight.
She was uninsured and sued McDonald’s Restaurants for the cost of her past and projected future medical care, an estimated $20,000. The corporation offered a settlement of $800, a number so obviously ridiculous that I’m not even going to dignify it with any further explanation.
The settlement number most often quoted is not the amount that the corporation actually paid; the jury in the first trial suggested a payment equal to a day or two of coffee revenues for McDonald’s, which at the time totaled more than $1 million per diem. The judge reduced the required payout to around $640,000 in both compensatory and punitive damages, and the case was later settled out of court for less than $600,000.
Keep in mind that at the time, McDonald’s already had over 700 cases of complaints about coffee-related burns on file, but continued to sell coffee heated to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit (around 90 degrees Celsius) as a means of boosting sales (their selling point was that one could buy the coffee, drive to a second location such as work or home, and still have a piping hot beverage). This in spite of the fact that most restaurants serve coffee between 140 and 160 degrees Fahrenheit (60 to 71 degrees Celsius), and many coffee experts agree that such high temperatures are desirable only during the brewing process itself.
The Liebeck case was absolutely not an example of litigation-happy Americans expecting corporations to cover their asses for their own stupidity, but we seem determined to remember it that way. It’s an issue of liability, and the allowable lengths of capitalism, and even of the way in which our society is incredibly dangerous for and punitive towards the uninsured, but it was not and is not a frivolous suit. Please check your assumptions and do your research before you turn a burn victim’s suffering into a throwaway punchline.

#don’t fricking get me started on Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants the level of misinformation floating around is staggering#I know that it’s an older case but it still makes me really mad that people treat it as this big dumb thing?#the fact that the media took a serious case and turned it into what it is to us today should piss people off#the level of distortion of facts is astonishing and upsetting and nobody seems to hear about it?#sorry I’m done I just#it upsets me when a legal travesty like this is just dragged out for some#’haha americans are sOOOOOOOo dumb!!1!’ humor#I MEAN GODDAMN IF YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE FUN OF AMERICANS AT LEAST MAKE FUN OF US WITH FACTS OKAY

I saw photos of her burns in a documentary on netflix about the case. It was so horrible. She sued because she had massive hospital bills because of the burns all over the lower part of her body. When she wrote to McDonald’s asking that they help her they basically gave her the middle finger. THAT is why she sued. 

If she’d been a guy and required skin grafts to his scrotum, no one would be using him as an example of specious lawsuits.
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Boop to turn off kitten.

Trowa, that only works for you.
A Blossom Wet With Rain Drops

Where are you going to stay,
now that night has fallen
and the moon hangs over the tree?
Better not to leave this bed of plum flowers
and lotus rods.

Imagine a body of fragrant mist against the morning glow—
she is shy clouds and timid rain
and dew drips gather in the secret heart of her peony.

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